Latvia wants to Collect $200 Billion from Russia

Latvia is a former Soviet republic, and has calculated the damage that Latvia suffered from the Soviet occupation after WWII. It has been 48 years and Latvia claims Russia owes Latvia $200 billion. The amount includes Latvia’s costs for the loss of its independence, the export of the population, the environmental damages and even the Afghan war and the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Latvia plans on collecting from Russia with the help of the European Union. This will be a very interesting case to watch and see what the results are.

The amount was calculated by a governmental committee, which the nation supposedly suffered as a result of the Soviet occupation. Latvia currently is very close to bankruptcy and desperately has decided to solve its financial problems at Russia’s expense.

The members of the committee said that they based their calculations on the assumption of how the Latvian economy could have developed if the nation had not become a member of the Soviet Union.

This seems like it would be a difficult case to prove.

Latvia would have at least become a country like Finland if it had not been "occupied" by the Soviet Union. Its GDP would have grown by at least $246 billion from the 1950s to the 1990s, Latvian officials claim.

The most curious thing about it is as follows. As it turns out, Soviet "occupants" plundered Latvia ’s national endowment – its mineral resources, namely two million cubic meters of sand and, more importantly, 32,038,127 cubic meters of dolomite rocks totaling $319 million.

The authors of the report believe that all those "treasures" were used to satisfy the needs of "the army of occupants." What the army do with so much sand and dolomite rocks?

As a matter of fact, "the Soviet aggressors" were building industrial enterprises and apartment buildings for the Latvian citizens. It may seem at first sight that such activities can not do any harm to anyone, but Latvian official say that "the occupants" were destroying the nation’s ecology. The ecological damage was evaluated at $706 million.

Latvia did not forget the Chernobyl disaster, Latvia barely suffered from the explosion of the nuclear power plant, but Riga considers the catastrophe as an attempt to cause damage to the health of the Latvian nation. The damage was evaluated at $283 million.