50 Mourners Attend Litvinenko Funeral in London

The funeral of the poisoned Russian former spy Alexander Litvinenko was being held at Highgate Cemetery in north London today.

Close to 50 of Mr Litvinenko's closest family and friends, including his wife and young son, gathered for the private service at Highgate's West Cemetery.

The hearse carrying Mr Litvinenko's coffin arrived in the cemetery's forecourt just after 1.30pm.

Mourners gathered in the courtyard between the cemetery's former chapel, now its offices, and the cemetery's colonnade.

Mr Litvinenko's coffin, a dark-stained Jacobean oak Garratt casket, was due to be driven around the perimeter of the cemetery before being laid to rest at the burial site in a non-denominational service.

Mr Litvinenko's wife Marina and their 12-year-old son Anatoly were among the mourners. Mr Litvinenko's father Valter, his mother Nina Belyavskaya and his first wife Natalia were also in attendance.

Many of Mr Litvinenko's closest friends were attending the service, including Alex Goldfarb, exiled Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky, filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov and Chechen dissident Akhmed Zakayev.